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Creating a Fund

At The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County, our donors play an essential role in helping us to achieve our mission. As a community foundation and tax-exempt public charity, CFWC’s resources rely on endowment funds established by people with a passion for Westmoreland County and a deep commitment to the well-being of their community.

CFWC makes it possible for a wide range of individuals, families, and organizations to direct their charitable giving by creating permanent, named endowment funds that provide lasting support for nonprofits in Westmoreland County.

One of our region's greatest assets is our rich and generous philanthropic tradition which can be seen by the more than 190 funds that CFWC has established since our inception in 1995. These funds represent individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for giving and a deep commitment to making their community better - today and in the future. As a donor at CFWC, you are able to become an important part of the rich history of charitable giving in western Pennsylvania.

Our professional staff can assist you and your professional advisors at no charge and help create a plan that fulfills your philanthropic and financial goals. Whether your charitable interest lies in teaching children about philanthropy or in supporting a favorite charitable program we can help you determine your best options.

An endowment fund at CFWC, established during your lifetime or through a legacy or other planned gift, provides community engagement, grantmaking and a legacy of good will.

There are many different reasons for creating a fund at CFWC.  The motivation of each donor is unique, but the outcome is the same. Our donors continue the legacy of generosity and compassion that are staples in our community.

All funds of CFWC are established in conjunction with our affiliate, The Pittsburgh Foundation. Additionally, all funds at CFWC are customized to meet the donor's individual philanthropic goals and with a variety of fund options it is easy to make your charitable vision a reality.

Creating a Fund Brochure

For more information regarding the range of funds offered by CFWC please click below on ‘types of funds’.

Types of Funds