Capacity Building Cohort

CFWC will announce when funding is available through an RFP. Letters of Inquiry will not be accepted for consideration as it pertains to this funding initiative. Effective nonprofits are vital to the healthy development and quality of life in any community. Often the word "effective: is used as a quality indicator measuring the positive impact of an organization's direct influence upon its service recipients. However, while effective programs and services are the most visible aspect of an organization, what provides the impetus to produce these desired results is the quality of the structural core that supports the organization.

Capacity Building is a process of implementing activities critical to the long-term viability and support of an organization. While there are many models, information, and definitions of capacity building, a common thread throughout all of them is that it is about intentional, coordinated, and mission-driven efforts aimed at strengthening the management and governance of nonprofits to improve organizational performance and impact. This often occurs through targeted activities focusing on improving core skills and capabilities.

There are many methods to address capacity building within organizations. Through this Capacity Building grant cycle, 12 organizations will be selected to be a part of the capacity building cohort. Each of the 12 nonprofits in this cohort will be awarded a $10,000 grant. A portion of the grant will be used directly for their capacity building project, and the remainder will be used as an unrestricted grant to support their time and focus.

In partnership with and facilitated by The Forbes Funds, the cohort will design a professional development series based on their collective needs and their capacity building projects. The cohort will work as a support structure as organizations work through their innovative strategies for their area of focus, examining both what is working and what is not working. The strategy is to couple peer-to-peer learning with professional development for sector capacity building in the following areas of focus:


    • Board Development – Developing and maintaining effective board leadership and governance which allows an organization to operate at full capacity.
    • Operational Efficiency - Improving the ratio between the input to run an organization and the output gained from the organization.
    • Strategic Partnerships/Merger/Restructure - Creating an alliance in which an organization improves its efficiency, impact and/or sustainability.
    • Development/Fundraising – Developing, implementing and evaluating a strategy to connect with existing and potential donors, taking into account the timing, methods, and tools to accomplish greater revenue.
    • Effective Communication - Creating avenues for an organization to clearly communicate its mission, while also demonstrating an ability to receive and acknowledge feedback.

When the funding cycle is announced, use the button below to connect to our new online grant portal and the Capacity Building through Technology application.

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