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Out & About: Second Chance Farewell Walk

The Westmoreland Cultural Trust received a grant from the Second Chance Fund for its public art project “Art in the Alley.”

One of the images displayed between the Palace Theatre and the Union Trust Building is of Kimberly Cecchini, in a ballet pose, with the phrase, “I Hope You Dance.”

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Unique partnership leads to a regional recruiting and retention grant

A county-wide effort results in a $4.3 million SAFER grant to fund recruitment and training of 500 additional volunteer firefighters. 

Numerous times, I have heard individuals complain that their area just doesn’t have the resources to assist with a project. This article provides insight into a unique partnership that developed to help address the recruiting and retention problems volunteer fire departments were facing in one Pennsylvania county.


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New Kensington murals designed to bring color, hope to downtown

If it's been a while since you made your way to downtown New Kensington's Fifth Avenue, you may not recognize the street.

Longtime residents of the city will have grown accustomed to the abandoned state and downtrodden look of what was once a thriving business district. Though the vestiges of the city's prosperity remains in its structures, a sizable number of the buildings are suffering under the weight of disuse and time.

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